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Baby Massage

Baby Massage: Text

Yogalise Nurturing Baby Massage is such a special first baby class where we nurture the bond between you and your baby through loving touch. There will be lots of coos and smiles as you discover a massage routine for your baby which can help to stimulate their digestion system, help soothe congestion and promote sleep.

Fun baby yoga swings and comforting holds will be used as well as some gentle postnatal yoga for you. We start each session with a chance to chat and check in with one another.  Sessions end with a dreamy relaxation so that you and your baby are fully rested and energised.

Baby Massage: Text

This is a very relaxed class so you are welcome to feed, rock, cuddle or change your baby whenever you need.

*Baby Massage is best suited to babies from birth until around 6 months (or before sitting unaided)


Courses include the following:

Massage oil

Booklet detailing the massage sequence that we will be using

Light snacks

Free attendance to the Play Cafe

Invitation to join a private WhatsApp group, the Yogalise Community group and free walks/meet ups.

Benefits of Baby Massage:

Encourages bonding and quality between baby and parent

Stimulates baby's bodily systems, such as the digestive system, immune system, nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Helps aid sleep, colic and wind.

Relaxation time for parent and baby

Create friendships with other parents


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Classes fill up fast!

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Baby Massage: Testimonials

I attended the pregnancy yoga classes throughout my pregnancy and the baby massage once my little girl arrived. I would highly recommend both classes, Veronica is a brilliant teacher and they were both very beneficial and enjoyable.

Vicky, Pregnancy Yoga and Baby Massage

Baby Massage: Text
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