Yogalise class schedule

Summer and autumn classes


Nurturing class for new mums

Yogalise Baby Massage 

This 5 week block starts on Wednesday 7th September at 11:30-12:30 at The Cloud Space in Weedon.

These classes are an ideal way to switch off from the world and focus on you and your baby.  You will discover a lovely massage routine for your baby as well as having time to stretch, relax and connect with other mums.

For mums-to-be

Yogalise Pregnancy Yoga

This mini summer 3 week block starts on Thursday 11th August at 7:30-8:45 pm at St. Michael's Church Rooms in Silverstone.

Soak up this special time by using gentle yoga movements, breathing techniques and connecting with your baby.  There will be time to chat to other local pregnant people and we end every class with a dreamy relaxation.

For birthers and birth partners

Yogalise Hypnobirthing course

The next 2 day course runs on Sunday 11th September from 10am-4pm and Saturday 1st October from 10:30am-4:30pm. This is a full antenatal course that helps you birther and birth partner to feel more informed, empowered and excited about giving birth.  It is a fully inclusive class that caters for all birthing plans.

Email to find out more.

Yoga class for everyone

Yogalise Rest and Revitalise

This gorgeous class uses flowing movements to keep you feeling energised and strong as well as including moments to pause, rest and reflect.  We hold restorative positions towards the end of class and finish with a guided relaxation.  True bliss!
Email for more information.