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Preschool and Children's Yoga

Preschool and Children's Yoga: Text

Yoga is a great way to keep children active, curious and it helps children to become more aware of themselves.

Preschool and Children's Yoga: Classes

We use yoga shapes and movements in a fun and creative way, often following a story so children can become fully engaged.  Children love the songs, music and tactile props that are a central part of sessions.  Breathing practises and moments to pause and reflect are also key in the sessions.

Preschool and Children's Yogalise sessions are focused on a theme which can be based on seasons, books or they can fit in with the children's interests or the curriculum.

As an experienced primary school teacher, I am passionate about the sessions enhancing children's emotional, social and physical develipment, as well as promoting other areas such as literacy and music.

If you would like Yogalise sessions to be brought to your setting,
please get in touch.

Preschool and Children's Yoga: Text
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