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Are you feeling unsure, nervous or scared about this unknown experience of birthing? These are completely normal feelings and often exist due to seeing unhelpful images of birthing on the TV or maybe you've heard a horror birth story from a friend.
Instead, would you like to find out how you can change your mindset? Would you like to feel informed, empowered and excited about giving birth?

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I feel really passionate about helping you to feel more positive about birthing and Yogalise Hypnobirthing can provide you with so many tools to help you and your birth partner feel more prepared, calm and in control about giving birth.

Sessions are run in a relaxed, interactive and fun way so there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get to know other couples in the group.

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What is Hypnobirthing?

Yogalise Hypnobirthing is science and evidenced based. It's a full antenatal course which will cover the following key areas:

Pregnant belly
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Prenatal Yoga

Changing your mindset

Decision making tools

Getting informed about birth & beyond

Hypnobirthing toolkit

Hypnobirthing: Features

Changing your mindset

  • the science behind hypnobirthing

  • the role of hormones (oxytocin, adrenalin and many more)

  • Fear Tension Pain cycle

  • mind body connection

  • how to build a positive mindset for birth and calm your nervous system

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Getting informed about birth

& beyond

  • how the uterus works

  • stages of labour

  • positioning in pregnancy and labour

  • comfort levels during labour

  • preparing your body for labour (perineal massage and optimal foetal positioning)

  • birth planning and deciding where to birth your baby

  • induction process and how to have a positive experience should you accept one

  • caesarean section-what is involved and which aspects you have control over

  • birth partner's role

  • fourth trimester

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making tools

  • language and birth rights

  • understanding risk and research

  • making informed decisions and advocacy tips

  • due dates

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tool kit

  • visualisations

  • affirmations

  • distraction techniques

  • how to create a positive birthing environment

  • breathing exercises

  • mp3 relaxations

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If that wasn't enough...

the course also includes:

*Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks

*digital hypnobirthing handbook

*Access to a private WhatsApp group and the Yogalise Community group for support

*A group meet up and invitations to Yogalise community walks and meet ups.

*Goody bag

*Veronica's continued support for birth and beyond


*Access to The Birth Uprising's Hypnobirthing digital pack-so you can refresh your memory on content from the course.

*Pre-recorded digital courses on an introduction to breastfeeding, pregnancy yoga, baby massage, baby wearing and starting solids.

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Hypnobirthing: Image
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