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Meet Veronica

Veronica has always been passionate about Yoga. Since starting her yogic practice at the age of 16, she finds it is a way to escape the bustle and stresses of life and instead, brings a sense of calmness and alertness to the mind. Having trained to become a Yoga teacher in Goa, India, she discovered even more delights to this ancient tradition. Increasing flexibility, strength and stamina through asanas (postures); learning to extend the breath via pranayamas (breathing techniques); and stilling the mind using meditation and yoga nidra, she incorporates these different elements within her Yoga classes. Since becoming a parent, she has recently trained in Pregnancy Yoga and Birthlights’s TM Nurturing Baby Massage. She is now keen to pass on these wonderful practices to mammas-to-be and new parents. Using flowing, organic movements, you will feel energised, revitalised and inspired after each class.
Having been a Primary school teacher for 9 years, she is also able to bring creativity and fun to Yogalise classes for children during the school day or as an after school club.
Catering for all - whether you are a novice or a regular yogi, she will support and challenge you on your Yogalise journey.


My Classes

Designed For You

Pregnancy Yoga

During this exciting time of pregnancy, yoga can provide some time away from the everyday bustle to have some quality time focusing on you and your growing baby. Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, everyone is welcome to join these friendly and relaxed sessions.

Classes will combine flowing sequences to develop your strength and stamina during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Breath awareness practices will be introduced to help with relaxation techniques and preparation for labour. Sessions end with a well deserved relaxation to connect further with your baby while re-energising your body and mind.

Joining a community of women can be a wonderful way to enjoy this incredible journey together which can lead to long-lasting friendships.


Baby Massage

Baby massage is an ancient practice which supports the development of a secure and trusting relationship between a parent and baby through loving touch. During each class, you will follow a Birthlight TM massage routine on your baby which will build up each week to cover the whole body. Baby yoga holds and swings will be incorporated as well as some gentle yoga postnatal movements for you. Each session will end with a lovely relaxation so that you and your baby are fully rested and energised.

*Baby massage is best suited to babies from birth until around 6 months (when sitting unaided)

Benefits of Baby Massage:
*Encourages bonding and quality between baby and parent
*Stimulates baby's bodily systems, such as the digestive system, immune system, nervous system and cardiovascular system.
*Helps aid sleep, colic and wind.
*Relaxation time for parent and baby
*Create friendships with other parents


Parent and Baby Yoga

Join these fun and playful sessions that include movements, swings and holds that help to promote your baby's development. Baby Yoga is a lovely way to connect with your baby using touch, movement and rhythm as well as giving you both an opportunity to relax. Yoga movements for the parents are integrated into the sessions and babies thoroughly enjoy this shared experience.

Benefits of Baby Yoga:
*All the baby's bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive, nervous and vestibular (balance) systems.
*Promotes better quality of sleep.
*Tactile stimulation aids development of the brain and nervous system.
*Regular movement provides 'more settled' behaviour with less ups and downs.
*Enables close communication between parent and baby to increase the bond between them.
*Joint relaxation to rest and re-energise the body and mind.
*Postnatal yoga to develop the parent's strength and tone the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
*Creates circle of friendship and support

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"